We all know first impressions count and the importance of making your home look its best for marketing photos and viewings.   If you are feeling daunted, here is our simple guide to presenting your property for sale.

Remember, no one knows your home better than you, show off its assets!

1. Curb Appeal

People will drive by to check your property out – fact!

This may be the deciding factor whether they book a viewing or not.   So, go outside and really look at your property, how does it compare to your neighbours? Do the windows need cleaning? Do the window frames need a lick of paint? Does the lawn need mowing? Will some hanging baskets/pot plants make it look more appealing?

Remember, the front of your property will tell a story to people about how well the rest of the property is maintained.

2. Depersonalise

We know it’s hard but try and remove as many family pictures as you can, including the kids artwork that adorns the fridge.  Why? The buyers need to visualise their life in their beautiful new home, not see the life you’ve created.

Remember to keep the “homely” feel though.

3. De-clutter

Now is the time to be ruthless and have a good cleanse of your possessions, do you really want to move it all to your next house? You could make some money by selling items or donate to charity such as our partners at NuLife Furniture 

Remember, as a general rule people should be able to walk around freely and there should only be enough furniture to convey the rooms purpose.

4. Spring Clean

We know it’s not fun but do give your home a deep clean.  Pull out sofas, clean skirts, windows and cills, dust lights, polish all chrome fittings, clean the fridge, the oven, the list goes on.

For cleaning hacks and tips follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram, she will help you get your home showroom ready! #HinchArmy

5. Repair and Rejuvenate

Look at your home through the eyes of a buyer and get the small jobs you’ve been putting off done. Leaky taps, broken light bulbs, chipped paintwork and cracks in walls could be fixed cheaply and make all the difference.

Remember, show off the assets, make sure that feature fireplace is looking its best!

6. Natural Light

One of the most noticeable features of a room is when its light and airy, small changes can really improve this, change to high wattage bulbs, remove heavy dark curtains, prune trees that obscure the light and repaint dark walls with lighter tones.

Remember, you cant change the position of the house but you can certainly enhance its features.

7. Pets

Ideally your pet shouldn’t be left in the house or garden during viewings, you could ask a friend or family member to look after them or take them out for a walk.

Remember, pets leave smells so make sure you regularly use a deodorising spray.


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