It’s been the talk of lettings town over the last 24 hours and has divided opinion between tenants’ rights campaigners and landlords lettings their properties in the private rented sector.

The Government is proposing to consult on scrapping Section 21 evictions, meaning landlords would be unable to evict tenants at short notice and without legitimate reason; this would be supported by improvements in the court system so landlords aren’t marginalised.

For anyone that isn’t in the know, a Section 21 (commonly known as no-fault eviction) is a notice that landlords can issue to tenants to regain possession of the property, an 8 week notice period is required and tenants must be out of any fixed tenancy period and is notoriously hard to challenge.

The Government states that section 21 notices has become one of the leading causes of family homelessness and this change will protect tenants from unfair and retaliatory evictions thus offering more reassurance to tenants that they will not face eviction if they complain about property condition and quality.   In the new proposals landlords who want to evict would be required to use a Section 8 notice (currently used for high rent arrears, criminal or antisocial behaviour or breaches to the tenancy such as property damage) to include selling of said property or if landlords want to move in themselves.    These Section 8 notices can be challenged in court by tenants.

Landlords and representatives counter this by stating Section 21 evictions are used to circumvent lengthy court delays when tenant are in arrears.  There is concern that buy-to-let lenders would exercise more caution when lending if landlords have more difficulty in evicting tenants who are not managing their tenancy, and that landlords would begin to exit the market (by selling) as the investment is too risky; as such properties in the PRS would go into decline impacting on supply to the poorest in society.

As a Cardiff agent working in partnership with local landlords you can bet we will be following this closely every step of the way as the proposals unfold and we will feed into consultation as soon as they begin.   We know that reform is coming and we need to ensure that our position is heard, if you are a landlord or tenant and want us to include your views in the consultation simply contact us on 0292043444 or

More to follow….