Minimise any obvious signs!

If like us, here in the Four Walls Online team, our dogs and cats (and guinea pigs!) are a part of the family. You may even be expecting a pet for Christmas? But no matter how adorable your furry friends are, not everyone is an ‘animal lover’.  So it’s important to minimise the signs of your pet before any viewings take place.

Read any advice regarding ‘pets’ and ‘viewings’ and you’ll see that relocating your pets (taking them for a walk or asking a friend to cat sit for a few hours) for viewings is the ideal scenario. However, this isn’t always practical – so here are the team’s ideas for minimising your pet’s presence so that they don’t put off potential buyers:

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum – so the potential buyers leaves with happy memories of the viewing, not covered in fur!

Open the windows – to let the fresh air in and the pet smell out! (Avoid overly pungent air fresheners that mask any smells and instead opt for deodorising products.)

Tidy beds and put away any toys/scratch posts – gathering up all your pet paraphernalia and putting it tidily in one place will help minimise the impact. If you can wash bedding and clean the toys it will also help make the house smell fresher.

Remove cages and tanks from bedrooms – if your children have a hamster or other small pet, relocate the cage/tank to a utility room for the period of the viewings if possible as ‘pets in bedrooms’ are a point of contention (even amongst animal lovers!)

Clean food and water bowls – and scrub the surrounding feeding areas before the viewing to remove any food odours and untidiness.

Attend to carpet & floor stains – if you’re struggling to spot clean them effectively, it might be worth hiring in a professional, or in the worst case scenario, replacing the covering.

Touch up damaged paintwork – freshen up any woodwork and walls that have seen a little too much love from your pets!

We appreciate that viewings can cause a bit of upheaval for all the family – but we’ll help you manage this by hosting an Open House, free of charge, when we launch your property to market. As Open Houses typically result in multiple viewings and multiple offers all in one day, it can really help minimise the impact on the family.

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