With the growth of online sales and the Rightmove and Zoopla marketing platforms, is there still a need for the traditional For Sale board?

It’s a legitimate question and one that we get asked often, we also have more people declining the option of a For Sale board when selling their home, citing reasons like:
>“I don’t want my neighbours to know im selling and snooping at the pictures”
>“I don’t want people knocking on my door”
>“I don’t want anything fixed to my property”

Don’t discount the positives of the For Sale board though, here is our list of reasons why we think it’s a good idea to have one, I bet there is reasons in here that you hadn’t even thought of.

  1. Spreads the word
    Word of mouth is seriously powerful, just as you will tell your friends and family that you are moving home, this goes for people looking to buy.  You never who may see your For Sale board and pass the information onto their friend or family member who is looking to buy.
  1. Easily identifiable
    People will know exactly what house it is when they come for a viewing and let’s face it, people like to do drive-bys, sussing out location, seeing what it’s like at different times of the day, timing a commute to work or the school run, it sounds imposing but it’s the practical side of house buying and might just secure you that sale.
  1. On-street advertising
    Everyone who passes knows you are selling, particularly beneficial if you live on a busy road where there is a lot of traffic and footfall, but don’t discount it if you live in a quiet cul-de-sac either, we get a significant number of people enquiring about a property who have seen a For Sale board outside.
  1. Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours
    In the age of the internet, secrets are harder to keep and your neighbours will most likely find out the status of your sale online regardless of whether you have a sale board or not.   Plus they may have a friend or family member that wants to move closer that could buy your house! Trust us, it happens!
  1. Is the seller serious about selling?
    When boards aren’t present, we get asked this – a lot! A serious buyer will only offer on a property when there is a serious seller! It’s a fact!

We think the advantages far out way the disadvantages; but remember its completely  your decision and you don’t have to have one if you’d prefer not too.

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