Choose a smell that sells!

There is plenty of research to suggest that a property that smells good will be more appealing than one that doesn’t smell – and unsurprisingly people are put off properties that smell of smoke, pets, bad plumbing or bins.

But if you haven’t got time to bake bread (arguably the most alluring of all smells) before each viewing – which 3 smells could help with the sale of your property?

Citrus – clean, fresh, and neutral, citrus is a firm favourite and nearly every cleaning product comes in this variety, so it’s not difficult to create this alluring scent.

Fresh Laundry – don’t be tempted to drape washing everywhere, simply pop a tumble dryer sheet on the radiator and the house will smell homely and fresh in no time!

Coffee – even people who don’t drink it typically like the smell and you don’t even need to make a cup, simply add a few granules to an uncovered pot (it will also help to soak up an unpleasant odours in the air).

At this time of year, you could also consider a scent that evokes Winter comfort, such as cinnamon/cloves, orange and pine needles (simply simmering these ingredients in an enamel pot will help diffuse them into the air).

Are you ready to get your property on the market this side of the New Year? There’s still time – but you’ll need to